About Sepehrelectric


1978 Creation of Sepehr Electric by Mr. Davoud Badali. The activity began with the production of oil Water heater.
1980 Extension of the range of products with the manufacturing of oil space Heaters and Evaporative air conditioner.
1990 The company strengthened its range of gas space heaters.
1994 The company realeases the first exports towards Iraq.
1995 The opening of a production line for semiautomatic washing machines.
2002 Put in production of automatic washing machines. During the same period, in parallel with our activity of production, we built partnerships of cooperation with recognized international brands of the sector such as Philco, AEG and Electrolux.
2009 These last years, the company incredibly improved its activity CKD format, by developing specific services to help their international distributors to meet the requirements and the regulations of their country.

Key Figures

Headcount : 750 +
Subsidiaries outside of Iran : 2

Annual production (units number):
  • Coolers: 250 000
  • Gas space heaters: 100 000
  • Water heaters: 100 000
  • Gas cooking stove: 100 000
  • Washing machines: 120 000

Our Mission

Sepehr Electric is one of industrial companies of manufacturing of the most dynamic domestic devices of the Middle East.

This company is a family group who the founder, chairman and chief executive officer is Mr. Badali.
His two sons Omid and Navid assist him in the management and the development of the group. Beyond the technical performances and efficiency. For our customers, we design Specific solution to their market.

To propose innovative solutions to demanding professional customersSepehr Electric specializes in the design and distribution of home appliance products.


Our Business

Our ambition

To become one of the major Home Appliance supplier and brands in our field of profession especially in:

  • Evaporative coolers
  • Gas and electric water heaters
  • Gas space heaters
  • Free standing gas cookers/stoves
  • Washing machines

R & D, Sepehr Electric ’s DNA

Sepehr Electric’s Research and Development (R&D) department works hard to maximize the use value of its solutions for the Group’s customers, by both improving their quality and technical performances, and developing new usages and benefits.

Our engineer’s team including producers and designers work to innovate and develop reliable, elegant, effective and long-lasting products. The company pays a particular attention to its laboratories of test and invests every year in their development. Our group works in partnership with the institute of the standards and looks for institute of standard and industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) who certifies the quality of our devices. Our research laboratory is accredited ISO 17025 by SGS and NACI-P13 by ISIRI since 2014.

Innovation at the heart of the Group’s DNA

Sepehr Electric’s engineers and technicians focus their efforts on two main areas:

technical innovation (studying new materialsand components, developing new technical solutions), product innovation (we create new ranges and products regularly to meet the expectations of the market).

A flexible, high-performance industrial organization

Sepehr Electric can entrust the assembly of a large portion of its products to its partners. This will enable Sepehr Electric to be closer to its customers and offer them even more.

The quality: Our trademark

There is no compromise, when it is about the quality; the presence of our products on the world market is the result of our attention and the respect for the international quality requirements.

The Company accumulated these last 35 years knowledge and experiences To maintain and perpetuate the quality of its production, the company is accredited ISO 9001-2008 by a English company ACS registrars.

Every product undergoes a number of tests of quality control answering the last requirements of the standards before leaving the factory.

Sepehr Electric is proud to be recognized as a reliable brand by his customers.

A tailor-made solutions and services approach

Before the launch of a new market, we take necessary time needed to make a complete study on the positioning of product, the group targets, competitors, the after-sales service and the advertising tools adequate, to propose to our partners an offer in adequacy completed with their market.

Sepehr Electric stands out from its competitors in particular thanks to its «solutions and services» approach. To do so, the Group is supported by its expertise in production and its ability to integratethem in its products and global solutions, its understanding of the needs and problems in the targeted segments, and its capacity for tailor-made innovation and adaptation to customer’s desires and constraints. The Sepehr Electric product range was thus developed to cover all of its customer’s needs, while still maintaining the option to design specific solutions through the selection of products to be installed, the various options proposed, or tailor-made adaptations and creations.

Our development: Going for growth

Our group has always focused on human resources, innovation and quality of our products to ensure its growth.

A fast-expanding international footprint

Sepehr Electric is counting on the extension of its sales force and the strengthening of its international presence to outperform the organic growth of the Home appliance market.

Sepehr Electric currently has its largest sales organization in Iran, but the Group has been deploying an ambitious international growth strategy since its creation. Thus, Sepehr Electric’s commercial network already covered nearly 7 countries via its various sales entities and distributor partners. The Group intends to progressively expand its international footprint by entering new countries each year, in accordance with a pragmatic and entrepreneurial approach.

CKD: A strategy adapted to the new markets

We developed the CKD to quickly increase market shares in every country where we become established.

consists for our local partner to establish a line of assembly with our complete support for the installation and the staff training.

This strategy allows to reduce the costs of the customs duties bound to the imports of manufactured goods finished with a low investment of departure. The advantage of this strategy is multiple because it also allows products to be quickly likened to a national production, and to create some employment.

It increases significantly the fund of goodwill of the brand with the consumers while insuring them a national after-sales service. We insure the training.


Tellephone:  0098(21)82115
Customers Service : 0098(21)82119  & 0098(21)82113500-2
Fax : 0098(21)82113210
Email : info@sepehrelectric.com