Technical Specifications SE5000C

  • Elegant design
  • Energy Class: I
  • Equipped with ODS safety device to stop gas flow in case of low oxygen levels
  • Burner with high efficiency combustion and zero poisonous gas (CO) production
  • Designed for free standing position and wall mounting
  • Automatic igniter without any electrical sources needed (piezo-electric).
  • Flame Failure detection system (thermocouple)
  • Automatically painted with electro-static powder paint.
  • Equipped with pressure governor to control fluctuations of inlet gas pressure.
  • Adjustable flame function

Warning: This heater is designed for natural gas(NG) consumption. Please, consult with your local authorized service provider if you would like to convert to LPG.


Energy class I
Length 525 mm
Width 193 mm
Height 640 mm
Net weight 10.5 kg
Gross weight 12.5 kg
Type of fuel NG
Nominal heating capacity 5000 kcal
Type of gas control valve Control valve with pressure governer & ODS
Spark igniter Piezo-Electric
Flame detection system Thermocouple
Glass --


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